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Taurean Simmons has always had a gift for making people laugh.

As early as middle school, many of his teachers and classmates quickly recognized him as the class clown. 

One unforgettable moment was when his sixth grade math teacher told him to get a stand up routine together so he could always be ready to be discovered. 

Years later he began performing music and comedy on stages across the country. Now, with a wife and five children, it’s never a dull moment in his household. 

These hilarious experiences give him all the material he needs for his stand up performances. 

On social media, followers enjoy funny live action videos, as well as brand new episodes of an animated series based on his family. 

He seems to have a specialty for creating funny content that the whole family can enjoy. Clean. Family Oriented. Comedy. 

Side bar, Taurean and his wife, Cassi, actively serve their community in Atlanta, Ga. by doing an annual “Community Giveback Project,” which provides food, clothing, toys, and educational seminars for over 400 families every year. 

Not bad for a young couple with a lot of kids.S

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