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Musician, Comedian, Content Creator

Taurean Simmons has always had a gift for making people laugh.

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Content Creator!

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Aside from making classmates, friends, and coworkers laugh, Taurean officially started doing standup on his 24th birthday when a friend invited him to try it out at an open mic. It was love at first…joke. Now, not only does he do standup, but he also brings the laughs by creating hilarious videos like his “shooter” series as well as, “churchy voiceovers”. Audiences all over enjoy his goofy character, “Bishop Riverdale”, currently featured on he and his wife’s, The Simmons Party Radio Show.

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As far as music style, Taurean credits a wide range of artists who have influenced his music including Kanye West, Outkast, Da Truth, PJ Morton, and even Paul Newman, just to name a few. What he writes about has everything to do with the things that are most important in his life: family, faith, and social justice. His music doesn’t just entertain, but also leaves you full of food for thought.

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Taurean and the entire Funny Production Team have been working tirelessly to complete the first season of their highly anticipated animated series based completely on the Simmons family. “Party of Simmons” is guaranteed to bring the funny as each member of this family has a unique view and personality all their own. Its a show your whole family can enjoy. “Party of Simmons” coming SOON!
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